Prenuptial Agreement

Prenups: Are they really the best thing?

DDB_blogimage          An attorney once told me the best option was to sign a prenuptial agreement (“prenup”), once I was married. Most people would be appalled at the thought. However, it is not such an astonishing option when put into perspective. A prenup is an agreement between two future spouses, in which they agree on property division if they were ever to divorce. A prenup divides both, what you have and what you owe. Many people think a prenup only divides the money or property you own. Nonetheless, debt is also divided. Continue reading

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In the View of Gain, Think of Righteousness

prenupSanette Tanaka, in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Nothing Says Love Like a Prenup,” stated the most common topic in a prenuptial agreement (“prenup”) is the increase in value of separate property.  This usually pertains to the increased value of real estate.  In Delaware, this increase in value can be considered marital property, subject to division, even if it was (or still is) owned entirely by one spouse prior to the marriage.  Continue reading

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Prenuptial Agreements in Delaware

PrenuptialPrenuptial agreements reduce much of the financial litigation that may result from a divorce.  A prenuptial agreement is executed prior to the marriage and is designed to govern the distribution of assets and debts in the event of a divorce.  In Delaware, a prenuptial agreement can also be established for a finite period of time, rather than be triggered only by a divorce, in order to give the couple assurance that the marriage will last.   Continue reading

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