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Effect of Incarceration on Divorce Proceedings

incarcerationIf divorce proceedings are commenced when one party is incarcerated, certain practical considerations will impact the timing and conduct of the proceedings. Firstly, certain additional steps may be required to ensure proper service of process on the incarcerated individual, in accordance with guidelines of the specific detention facility. It is best to check with the detention facility in question to ensure compliance with their guidelines. Continue reading

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Love That’s Equally Valid

EqualityGovernor Jack Markell declared that by signing House Bill 75 into law on May 7, 2013, Delaware was recognizing that same sex couples who have committed to one another and pledged to spend their lives together have a love that is equally valid and deserving.  The adoption of House Bill 75, titled An act to amend Title 13 of the Delaware code relating to domestic relations to provide for same-gender civil marriage and to convert existing civil unions to civil marriage, made Delaware the 11th State to allow same sex couples to legally marry. Continue reading

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