From Here to Hollywood

DDB_blogimageDivorce is always a difficult thing to go through and most people try to keep the details of the various information to themselves.  But what if you are both celebrities and the details, all emotional, dramatic and upsetting pieces of information were available for all the world to see running through the tabloids?  Continue reading

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It’s not only women. Men feel it too.

DDB_blogimage           When two people get divorced, most of the time, people assume the woman suffers more, emotionally and mentally. Some say it may be due to the different ways in which each party handles the situation or in how one party expresses emotion as compared to the other. One party may be thrilled. The other may be devastated. If the divorce was a mutual understanding that was agreed upon, the emotions may be completed different. Nonetheless, a lot of the time, one of the two parties has a harder time than the other, for a multitude of reasons. Continue reading

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The Business of Marriage: Alimony

blogimagesAs many of you know, there are a few different parts to a divorce, depending on every situation. Each divorce is different. A petition for divorce can be filed by itself, or with a request for the Court to decide on ancillary matters. Ancillary matters consist of the division of property between the spouses, alimony that may be awarded to one of the parties, and/or the decision as to which party pays the other’s costs and attorney’s fees. Alimony is the one ancillary matter that many bread-winners do not want to deal with. Continue reading

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What’s mine is yours…till Divorce do us part

30156300-prenuptial-agreement-and-divorce-law-concept-as-a-justice-scale-with-wedding-rings-as-a-symbol-of-a-One of the more complicated parts of a divorce is when the Courts have to decide on the property division aspect of your case.  This part of the process can be extremely grueling and time consuming.  However, being prepared for what is to come can only help. Continue reading

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ShowMeTheMoneyThe financial aspect of a divorce proceeding can become very burdensome.  Initially, there is the emotional impact of separating from your spouse and getting a divorce, if your divorce is not a simple one, you then have to consider the financial aspect of your case.  The Court looks at each parties’ monthly expenses, income, assets, debts, and more to determine how much to award in alimony and what percentage of property each party is entitled to.  See below summaries of some actual Family Court cases. Continue reading

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Modifying Alimony

alimony 3If you have an alimony award, it can be modified at any point that there is a substantial change in circumstances.  A summary of the case below is a good example of when an alimony award can be modified. Continue reading

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The Black Widow Rears it’s Ugly Head

black widowIn Delaware  if you have a claim for alimony, the party seeking the alimony benefit must be defined as a “dependent spouse” under the meaning of the statute 13 Del. C § 1502.

In the attached case Husband made a substantially higher income than his ex-wife.  They were only married 17 months and this was both parties second marriage. Continue reading

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Your marriage may not last forever, but alimony can.

alimony moneyConsidering filing for divorce in Delaware?  Get your calculators out to determine your length of marriage first because you may be on the hook for paying alimony to your ex-spouse for a very, very long time. Continue reading

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Ali –MOAN –y!

alimonyNothing begins and nothing ends that is not paid with a moan.[1]  For most, nothing sums up the thought of paying alimony better.  The thought alone has deterred several of my clients from even filing for divorce, no matter the circumstances.  Continue reading

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What you need to know about interim alimony.

A party can seek interim alimony following their divorce decree.  You can request interim alimony in your initial divorce Petition or Answer or file a Motion for Interim Alimony with the Family Court.  In this case, a recently divorced husband filed a Motion seeking Interim Alimony.  The ex-husband was employed as a teacher and part-time referee making approximately $28,000 per year total.  In the divorce, he was left with the marital home and alleged he could not afford to pay his monthly expenses.  Wife was also a teacher and made considerably more money than him. Continue reading

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Filing for Divorce in Delaware

divorce-gavel.s600x600To file for a divorce in Delaware, you must be a resident of our state for at least six months and be separated from your respective spouse. So, you cannot continue to share a bedroom with them or be intimate with one another. If you become intimate at some point during your alleged separation period and 30 days immediately preceding the day the Court hears your Petition for divorce, the other party may argue your date of separation following that intimate encounter. Continue reading

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